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       The Greater Jamesport Civic Association will host a triple celebration this July 4th: the only official Independence Day commemoration in the Town of Riverhead,
followed by the 100th anniversary of the building that is the George
Young Community Center (formerly an elementary school), and the 75th
Anniversary of the Greater Jamesport Civic Association (a.k.a. the
Jamesport-South Jamesport Civic Association, Inc.).  The ceremony will be held on Tuesday, July 4 at 10 the Honor Garden at the corner of Main Rd. and South Jamesport Ave. The ceremony will include remarks from local elected officials, Riverhead Town Historian Georgette Case, former Jamesport Elementary School student Carl Gabrielsen and Greater Jamesport Civic Association President Laura Jens-Smith. The ceremony will feature a performance of patriotic songs by members of the Jamesport Meeting House Chorus. The formal ceremonies will be followed by an open house at the Community Center at which visitors may view displays of memorabilia on loan from former elementary school students and historical highlights of the Civic Association. Refreshments will be served in the
Community Center. The event is free and open to the public.