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Book Discussions with Topical Food

Explore our historic North Fork
region through literature and food. Topics include:

  • January
    29, 2:00 pm
    The Jews of Long Island
    1705-1918 with 
    Brad KolodnyHands-on food preparation class with Susan Babkes. 
  • February
    25, 11:00 am
    Rumrunners in Suffolk
    County: Tales from Liquor Island with 
    Amy FolkHands-on food preparation class with Susan Babkes. 
  • March
    4, 11:00 am
    Native American arts, crafts,
    and historic food preparation with 
    Josephine Smith.
  • April
    29, 11:00 am
    The Lady Lighthouse Keeper with Mary Korpi. Hands-on food preparation class with Mary Korpi.

Books are available at Burton’s
Bookstore, Greenport. 



The Jews of Long Island 1705 – 1918 by Brad

This engaging narrative tells the story of how Jewish
communities were established and developed east of New York City.  It includes stories of peddlers, farmers and
factory workers as well as successful merchants and wealthy industrialists like
the Guggenheims.

Archival material, including census records, newspaper
accounts, never before published photos and personal family histories illuminate
Jewish life and experiences during these formative years.

With over 4400 names of people who lived in Nassau and
Suffolk counties prior to the end of World War 1, The Jews of Long Island 1705-1918
is an interesting read on the foundation of what has become the fourth largest Jewish
community in the United States.

Reading to culminate with a hands-on food
preparation class and a book discussion with Mr. Kolodny.