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On Saturday, May 13, 2023, Greenport Harbor Brewing Company will host the opening reception for their new exhibition, “BACKWATERS,” featuring recent paintings of Charles Winheld at the 234 Carpenter St., Greenport location.

Greenport artist Charles Winheld works with a variety of mediums, primarily casein and resin, to create muted, textural paintings. Taking inspiration from the surrounding waters in Greenport, Winheld characterizes “Backwaters” as “the sort of locations that I find interesting and exciting, often resulting in unexpected and somewhat abstract imagery” The artist describes these places as often neglected, “behind-the-scenes” spots, not usually considered picturesque but are intensely alive visually. Boats in dry dock, abandoned buildings, backyards, are created with simple geometric patterns and intriguing composition.

BACKWATERS will be on display through July, 2023.