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Start the holidays off with a grateful mind. Please join us for a Bright Friday celebration, a day to deepen our level of thankfulness.  We are having an online meditation retreat on Friday November 27th from 2pm-5pm EST (11am-2pm PST).  The perfect way to unwind after your hectic Black Friday shopping or to prepare for it.   This will be a Thanksgiving feast for your mind.  For our main course we offer a meditation method that shows you how to become your True self and live genuinely happy.  Then we will take a break to digest while we learn an amazing exercise that gently and effectively works every muscle in the body, followed by entertainment.  For dessert a meditation to bring out the gratitude in our hearts.  A grateful mind is the foundation of happiness and meditation is
the best way to achieve it. So come and be a part of our Holiday retreat and enjoy a feast that will fill your spirit and leave you feeling lighter.

Price $49 per a person


1:1 meditation