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Northeast Stage proudly presents Richard III, Shakespeare’s classic story of pure Machiavellian evil, in a Covid-friendly live stream format on Thanksgiving Saturday. Tune in for free at 8 p.m. eastern. The show will end at 10, and we will have a live Q & A after. Enjoying this production is the perfect way to do something truly special this holiday, an experience you can safely share with family and friends in your various living rooms.

Richard III, Directed by Colin Palmer

The House of York has won the War of the Roses, but Richard of Gloucester, the youngest brother of the new king, dreams of one day ruling himself. His mind warped by his own physical deformities Richard plots to seize power, destroying everyone who stands between him and the throne. Starring: John Bradley, Ben Eager, Tim Ferris, Justin Harris, Amy Ippolito, Christian Leporer, A.D. Newcomer, Colin Palmer, Joseph Podlas, Christine Richard, Mark Sisson, Sarah Storjohann, Dan Yaiullo, John Yaiullo.

We encourage you to meet the cast: and consider interviews because of the unusual nature of the production and the good news nature of this story. Creating this production using actors scattered in different places, unable to rehearse together or perform together, presented some unique challenges and opportunities. This show will both be classic live Shakespeare, and also unlike any live production you and your audiences have seen. Many of the actors first performed Richard III in the 2017, purely live production presented by East End Mobile Theatre. Note: While the production is free, donations are encouraged as they will support next summer’s free

Shakespeare in the Park