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Despite the Paris Agreement and the excitement about wind and solar power, we have not yet turned any definitive corner on climate change.

Emissions are rising again and the 1.5°C/2°C temperature targets look increasingly out of reach.  Worse yet, reaching Net Zero is unlikely to be the end of the climate crisis, but merely the end of the beginning.  For centuries thereafter, humanity will need to implement new tools to deal with the changed environment After Net Zero.

Presented by Wake Smith:

As a lecturer at Yale University, Wake Smith teaches a world-leading undergraduate course on climate intervention, which forms the basis for his book Pandora’s Toolbox: The Hopes and Hazards of Climate Interventions.  Smith is also a Senior Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School, writing scholarly articles on costs, aeronautics, and governance of solar geoengineering. Prior to his academic career, Smith served in several executive roles in the aeronautical industry, including as the President of a division of Boeing.