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Join Group for the East End at Downs Farm Preserve for an educational and fun adventure to learn about the preserve’s native plant restoration project.

Native plants support our wildlife, especially pollinators. If you’re interested in learning more about native plants, how they support wildlife or just to get out into nature for a little while, this program is for you!

Mary Laura Lamont will be co-leading this walk with the Group’s outreach director, Taralynn Reynolds. Mary Laura is a 40 year retired ranger of the William Floyd Estate, National Park Service. She has also served as the educational chair of the Long Island Botanical Society for over 30 years. She compiled the Orient Christmas Bird Count for 20 years and served as board member of Eastern Long Island Audubon Society. She currently works at Hallock State Park in Riverhead.

For more information please email Taralynn Reynolds, [email protected]