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Auditions for  IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE –  A Live Radio Play by Joe Landry  


Audition Dates:
Tuesday, Wed. Nov. 2nd @ 6-8PM
Friday, Nov. 4th @ 6-8PM
Audition Location:
Holy Trinity Church 768 Main St. Greenport

Performance dates:
Friday Dec. 16th @ 7PM
Saturday Dec. 17th @ 2 PM and 5PM
Sunday Dec. 18th at 3PM
Performance Location: 
Holy Trinity Church 768 Main St. Greenport

This will be a staged reading with approximately 3 rehearsals needed.

For  questions regarding the auditions contact Michael Disher @ [email protected] 

Cast List: George Bailey, Joseph, Clarence, Mary Hatch Bailey, Uncle Billy, Mr. Potter, Violet Bick, Miss Peabody, Freddie Fillmore, Rose Bailey, Harry Bailey, Mr. Gower, Bert, Ernie, Young George, Young Harry, Young Violet, Young Mary, Peter Bailey, Sam Wainwright, Old Man Collins, Dr. Campbell, Matilda, Ruth Dakin Bailey, Mrs. Hatch, Charlie (at the bank), Man (at the bank), Mrs. Thompson (at the bank), Ed (at the bank), Horace (the Teller), Janie, Pete, Tommy, Zuzu, Mr. Welch, Nick Martini, Bridge Keeper Binky, Cop, Sheriff

As a safety precaution- all actors need to be vaccinated for auditions and production.

For additional details visit

We look forward to seeing you at the audition!