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In 1978, The Entenmann Family agree to sell their family company and move on to greener pastures. One of Martha Clara’s sons, Robert Entenmann, purchased a potato farm and transformed it into a thoroughbred horse farm on the North Fork of Long Island. Throughout the years he enjoyed his horses and the beauty of the area. However, he couldn’t help but notice the changing landscape all around him. The neighboring potato farms began to give way to vineyards; it was just a matter of time before he would follow suit.

In 1995, Robert caught the grape bug and planted 18 acres of vitis vinifera grapes. Over the next four years his vineyard acreage grew to over 100 acres as he anxiously waited for the grapes to come to age.

Robert Entenmann, owner of Martha Clara Vineyards, named the venture after his mother, Martha Clara Entenmann.


Check out thier beautiful horses before or after a good wine tasting event.
While they don't fill the glass much for your tastings, you are allowed to keep the tasting glass.
Try the Cabernet Franc during a tasting or get a glass of Sangria.
2010 Reserve Reisling was best East Coast wine in 2010. Owned by an Entenmann's heir so grab some snacks.
Jump the pic
Private tastings are nice...I miss the 09 reisling already
Get to know the security. Everyone here is so laid back.
Glaciers End is amazing! Staff is wonderful!
Atmosphere was great. Lots of fun, live music, lots of corn hole setup. Wine was OK
Just bought a case of the white solstice - let the weekend festivities begin