09/22/19 5:55am

Warren Street in downtown Hudson is a hub of culture and entertainment. (Credit: Dan Region)

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Two hours north of Manhattan, Hudson’s main business thoroughfare is the thoroughly entertaining Warren Street, which spans an entire mile. Whether gazing at 19th century row houses, ornate Victorians or stately Federal homes, Hudson’s downtown is a trove of architectural styles.


08/04/19 5:55am

The Dove Trail pays homage to the 50th anniversary of Woodstock. (Credit: Sullivan Catskills Visitors Association)

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It was billed as “three days of peace and music,” but Woodstock was so much more. No one expected the massive crowd that arrived — and despite the many challenges, the event was largely peaceful. In 1969, from August 15 to 18, the rains came, the sun returned, the music played and history was made.

The festival was named for the actual town of Woodstock where it was originally sited, but it was moved to Max Yasgur’s farm in little Bethel, New York — and the area is still basking in the afterglow, especially this year, 50 years after Woodstock, with special concerts and lots of visitors arriving to pay homage. (more…)