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Lewin is a trusted Home Care Equipment & Supplies Resource.

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At Lewin, we supply products and professional services for your special medical needs. Our philosophy is one of commitment, service, caring, sensitivity and dignity for the people we serve.


Family owned and operated, it has been an honor for our family to serve our client’s durable medical equipment needs since 1991. Our team of experienced professionals are committed to delivering cost effective, quality home care, medical equipment & supplies.


We are the leading medical equipment supplier for the Hamptons.


We offer 2 friendly customer showrooms, well stocked shelves, knowledgeable staff & personal attention.


Most medical equipment supplies are readily available in our showrooms, however special orders are accepted and promptly filled. Knowing that you are receiving your equipment is of utmost importance. We assure delivery to the patient’s home prior to their discharge from the hospital.


Not only do we deliver your equipment, but in order to provide customer satisfaction and comfort, our experienced staff sets up all medical equipment and provides instruction to the patient and family.