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Girl Scout cookies and sparkling wine make for a sweet pairing. | Photo credit: Sofia Lioreisis

Girl Scout Cookie season is here once again, marked by the handwritten signs and vibrant boxes stacked on fold-out tables outside of Suffolk County’s grocery stores. This season, give these classic flavors an adult twist by pairing them with wines from Sparkling Pointe

We asked manager Melissa Rockwell to help us curate a list of the best glasses of their bubbly to go alongside these seasonal and addictive sweet treats. There are a few considerations to keep in mind when pairing sparkling wine with sweets.

“The easiest pairings are sweet with sweet, abiding by the old school wine and food pairing rule: your wine should be sweeter than your dessert,” explained Rockwell.  ”Once you bring in the bubbles you can also play with contrasting or complementary textures.”

Raspberry Rally

Let’s begin with the Girl Scouts of America’s newest flavor: Raspberry Rally. This crispy chocolate cookie may look like a Thin Mint, but you’ll be surprised when you find that the classic minty center has been replaced by a jammy raspberry filling. Rockwell would pair this fruity chocolate mix with the dry bubbles of NV Cuvée Carnaval Rosé. 

“This rosé has notes of raspberry, cherry, and a touch of strawberry cream,” said Rockwell. “It would complement the jammy raspberry filling in the cookie perfectly.”


A long-standing classic, Samoas offer a delicious combination of chocolate, caramel and toasted coconut. Rockwell selected their 2012 Brut Seduction, which although dry, offers a bold flavor that stands perfectly with complimentary sweets. This wine is aged for nine years through a process called méthode champenoise, or méthode traditionnelle. Here, a solution of sugar and yeast is added to the bottle, triggering a second fermentation and creating more bubbles.  

“The flavor profile of this bubbly is dominated by caramel, brioche, and marzipan,” said Rockwell. “The complimentary caramel notes in the Samoas will bring out those flavors in the wine and the smooth and rich finish will linger on the palate.”


The peanut butter and oat character of Do-si-do sandwich cookies would pair perfectly with a glass of 2016 Reserve Blanc de Blancs. 

“This bubbly is aged in oak barrels prior to bottling for the secondary fermentation in the bottle,” said Rockwell. “This gives it an extra level of vanilla and nutty characters to compliment those same flavors in Do-si-dos.”


Adventurefuls are another recent creation from the Girl Scouts you may not have had the chance to try yet. Debuted in 2022, these brownie-inspired cookies are topped with a caramel-flavored crème and a hint of sea salt. Rockwell recommends pairing this rich cookie with NV Cuvée Carnaval Rouge, a sparkling red wine produced mainly from the merlot grape. 

“This has the aromas and flavors of red fruits such as raspberry, cherry, and plum,” said Rockwell. “Plus it has a higher residual sugar than the rest of our wines which would work well with the sweetness of the chocolate and caramel. But it’s the hint of sea salt that will really put this pairing over the top! Sparkling wines with their acidity and bubbles really pop with salty food pairings.”


The iconic Trefoils are shortbread-style cookies inspired by the original Girl Scout cookie recipe, created in 1922. Shortbread-style cookies are classic pairings with sparkling wine and champagne, making this the perfect cookie to pair with Sparkling Pointe’s selection. A dry style with crisp bubbles is Rockwell’s choice, as it will cut through the rich buttery flavor of the cookie. 

“Let’s pair a classic with a classic,” said Rockwell. “Our 2018 Brut is light, crisp, and fresh with notes of citrus, pear, apple, and brioche.”


Sticking with the theme of shortbread, Lemonades are a savory, refreshing shortbread cookies topped with tangy lemon-flavored icing. Rockwell thinks this citrusy cookie would need a bubbly that has complimentary notes of citrus and a buttery savory texture to match, recommending 2018 Blanc de Blancs. 

“This bubbly is made with 100% Chardonnay and features aromas and flavors of apple, lemon, and toast,” said Rockwell. “It is lively and crisp and with 4 years aging, it has just enough butteriness to compliment the shortbread base.”

Find and support your local troop through the Girl Scout Cookie Finder. Online orders can also be made through Digital Cookie Service by texting ‘Cookies’ to 59618.  

Sparkling Pointe is located at 39750 County Rd 48 in Southold and is open Monday through Sunday, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.