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(Courtesy: North Fork Apothecary)

New year, new fashion trends. We spoke with Brittany Calvert from Tea and Tchotchkes in Greenport, Stephanie Segrete Sack from North Fork Apothecary in Cutchogue, and Joanna Mazzella from Mint in Mattituck to learn more about the styles that we’ll be seeing more of this year.

Brittany Calvert:  I think for the upcoming season you will be seeing a lot of oversized, comfortable yet functional pieces! We just went through the loungewear pandemic; lots of leggings and sweats, so now I think the idea is to step that up a little. The look will be chicer and put together, but still comfortable, wearable pieces that you can always find at Tea and Tchotchkes.

A personal favorite idea for this year that I started seeing a lot more of is unisex — more so companies who exclusively sell men’s attire advertising women in their collections and visa versa. This, for us, though isn’t completely unfamiliar. We have been doing it since the shop’s opening in 2017. I specifically love buying men’s shirts in the shop and selling them to everyone.

One of my personal favorite trends is rubber chunky soles! These made their way onto the scene (and my heart) last year, but I think they are going to make a big splash this year, especially in the Spring! Currently, my favorite are Clogge by Jeffery Campbell — they come in so many colors!

Stephanie Segrete Sack: While there are many trends to look out for this Spring, to me, the most important trend for the ultimate North Fork lifestyle is all about low-key luxury. I’m focusing on clothing that prioritizes longevity and practicality alongside beauty, expertly executed craftsmanship, and ease. People are looking for pieces that not only look beautiful but also fit easily into multiple facets of their lives.

Joanna Mazzella: Spring/Summer 2023 is guaranteed to be fresh and very wearable! We are seeing tons of beautiful greens, pops of orange and a return to cobalt blue. Wide-leg denim along with trousers are going to play a big role in your wardrobe, as well as an emphasis on utility styles and cargos. We are seeing western influence continue to be present in shirting and accessories. Power shoulders and romantic sleeves are very prominent.

A sneak peak at Spring items coming soon to the Apothecary. (Courtesy of the North Fork Apothecary)

Q: What is trending right now?

Brittany Calvert: I don’t usually tend to follow specific trends — I keep my clients and myself in mind. I always try to get clothing in the store that feel like timeless favorites that are universal for all types of bodies. I never get tired of hearing, “I bought this dress, or pants or sweater from you last year and I wear it all the time,” or, “it has become my favorite!” That feeling that people get is how I buy for the shop. 

Stephanie Segrete Sack: Two trends I’m really excited about also happen to be styles that have guided me for a long time. I love Spring’s commitment to elevated basics designed with relaxed tailoring and performance fabrics to create a polished, flattering uniform that transitions from day to night. The second trend I’m thrilled about is the return of the utility cargo pant. But this time around, you’ll see wide legs, exquisite tailoring, and more subtle fabrication. 

Shopping at the Apothecary is a very tactile, sensory experience. Guests are always delighted by the incredible softness of every item I sell. All of my denim, for example, whether stretchy performance denim, or the more rigid, heritage kind, is all super soft and made from the highest quality fabrics. There is none of that “breaking-in” period that was part of my torturous teenage years. The same holds true for my new brand obsession, Bembien. Handmade leather and rattan bags that are supple, soft, ethically produced, and quietly luxurious. When I carry my Bembien tote (regardless of what I’m wearing), I feel effortlessly chic and completely put together in a cool French girl way…you know, the way Françoise Hardy and Brigitte Bardot look in every photo.

Joanna Mazzella: Right now since we have just finished up the holidays we are seeing an interest in cozy and casual winter pieces that will be worn for years to come. We just started our annual winter sale at Mint, so we have some really amazing winter coats and sweaters still in that people are grabbing up! There is also excitement about holiday and resort vacation styles, especially bright dresses for that long, overdue vacation. Many people are planning getaways to some place tropical, so we are already seeing interest in bright fun dresses and easily packable blouses.

Q: What is a trend that you think has been left behind in 2022? 

Brittany Calvert: Matching sets. There were so many sets last year, and it didn’t really work for us. I haven’t been seeing as many this year.

Stephanie Segrete Sack: While I think everyone should wear what makes them feel comfortable and confident, I am happy to bid adieu to the high-waisted, super skinny jean. While the silhouette works for a few, it is not a good look for most women or men. And, it’s definitely not a comfort-driven style.

Joanna Mazzella: Bizarre Cut-outs. No more of that! It’s confusing and doesn’t work for most. A sliver here and there is nice and different, but not huge side cut outs.

Q: What is something that you’re looking forward to wearing this year?

Brittany Calvert: Wrap skirts! We have some beautiful wrap skirts coming this year in all different prints and textiles. There is something so easy and effortless about a wrap skirt. Dress it up or down. I am very excited to wear them all!

Stephanie Segrete Sack: I can’t wait to receive my gorgeous pieces from Vince in Spring’s favorite color – Key Lime Pie green! This pop of color is welcoming, and optimistic, and has that feel-good vibe that reminds you warmer weather is on the way. I’m also looking forward to Banjanan’s Spring collection of handmade dresses that honor India’s rich history of beautifully intricate textile patterns. Their dresses are little works of art, but with pockets, total comfort, incredible style, and machine washable. And, they look great at weddings or worn with my Doc Martin boots.

Joanna Mazzella: Definitely color! And utility cargo pants! So easy to wear for every woman and they can be casual or dressier!

Q: What is your favorite item that is currently sold in the shop?

Brittany Calvert: We have some amazing winter coats and jackets in the shop! I happened to snag one this year and I have been wearing it every day! Currently, all of our clothing in the shop is 50% off, as well as accessories, plants and more! We are open Saturday and Sunday from 10 p.m. to 5 p.m. throughout January! We always have an end-of-the-season sale that tends to start after Thanksgiving. We take a short break to regroup in February and reopen mid-March.

Stephanie Segrete Sack: My absolute favorite item right now is Citizen of Humanity’s Emerson jeans. Personal experience has proven that these jeans look amazing on every woman, regardless of age, shape, size, or height. It’s a slim, but relaxed boyfriend jean that features a low rise and easy leg shape. There is something incredibly sexy about the fit of these jeans. I get so many compliments every time I wear them…which is often. If you came into the shop every day next week, chances are, I’ll be wearing them at least four days out of the week. That’s how much I love them!

Joanna Mazzella: My favorite current look in Mint right now would have to be the new printed set from Omika. The print instantly transports you to a beautiful warm Caribbean island. The versatile look is perfect as a set or worn separately for different looks — you can wear the button-down top tied at the waist with white jeans or the beautiful wide-leg pants back to a simple white tank top for an effortless look!