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Kacie Merendino is the owner of Luna Grace Boutique in Wading River. (Credit: Victoria Caruso)

A new boutique and metaphysical shop has opened in Wading River — a space owner Kacie Merendino says she has been manifesting for years.

Merendino is a spiritual teacher, healer and psychic medium. For over a decade, she’s been helping people on their spiritual healing journeys, guiding them from a home studio that she built in her basement. Her newest shop, Luna Grace Boutique, is the first of its kind in downtown Wading River. It’s a place where her followers, called Grace Chasers, and other members of the community can go to get spiritual tools and learn more about these healing practices.

If you walk into Luna Grace Boutique, you’ll be greeted by the calming scent of incense and offered a soothing cup of tea. The shop, located in an old barn, is lined with shelves filled with crystals, locally-made reiki-charged candles, oracle cards, smudge kits and more.

For those without any knowledge of these tools, the selection can be overwhelming, but Merendino assures that the space is for everyone. “It doesn’t matter if you don’t even know what a crystal is,” Merendino said. “I’ll help you find something.” The boutique also offers a variety of gifts, from hand-painted clam shells to car seat blankets that Merendino’s mother crochets by hand.

Outside of the shop’s normal business hours, it transforms into a space where Merendino hosts a variety of energy-based healings, from soul sessions to moon circles. Each soul session is personalized, often starting with a cup of tea and essential oils for grounding and a mix of oracle card readings, meditation, sound healing and reiki. “It’s really based on whatever the client wants to work on,” she explained. “I could tap into your energy if you wanted to, or say you have loved ones who have crossed on, we could talk with them first.”

Merendino’s favorite spiritual practice is called an Oracle. “That’s where I can tap into your body and see where you might have energy blocks or things that are holding you back.” Merendino also hosts a variety of spiritual retreats for women of all ages, which can be found at

Luna Grace Boutique is located at 302 N Country Road in Wading River. It’s open Thursday to Sunday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.