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Rudolph the Red-Dun Dexter, a surprise calf, is the newest addition to the farm. (photo credit: Victoria Caruso)

When Holly and Chris Browder were out collecting eggs on their farm Monday afternoon, they were greeted by a surprise calf in the field. One of the two Dexter cattle they had acquired last spring had given birth to a male calf. We took a visit to Browder’s Birds to explore the farm and meet its newest addition: Rudolph the Red-Dun Dexter.

Spend a minute with us there.

About Browder’s Birds

Browder’s Birds is a family farm located at 4050 Soundview Ave in Mattituck. Browder’s Birds started ten years ago after owners Chris and Holly Browder left their corporate jobs in the city to begin raising chickens for meat and eggs on the North Fork. Over the years they’ve added sheep, ducks, turkeys, honeybees, and most recently cows to their farm. The farm operates a self-serve shed, stocked with eggs, chicken pot pies, soup and stocks, quiches, honey, and hand-knit woolens made from the farm’s Cotswold sheep. The shed is open every day from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.