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NOFO Moto’s new coffee bar is located at LUMBER + Salt in Jamesport. (Courtesy of NOFO Moto)

A new business has found a home at Jamesport’s LUMBER + Salt — one that involves motorcycles, dogs, and coffee.

North Fork Moto, a motorcycle-lifestyle brand, has opened an artisanal coffee bar and boutique inside the Jamesport-based antique and salvage shop. Freshly brewed lattes, teas and vegan treats are just a few of the provisions made behind the counter, while coffee-scented candles, “Fur Mama” mugs, and other accessories and apparel are scattered around the shop on display.

Megan Jones and Clay Snyder are the creators behind North Fork Moto, a unique brand that encapsulates their biking journey. “We’re known on the North Fork for being the people with the sidecar dog,” said Jones.

The couple launched the brand in 2021, blogging as they motorbiked around the East Coast with their Great Dane and Rhodesian Ridgeback at their side. They began selling logo-embellished apparel, designed by Jones, to attract a group of like-minded bikers to their brand.

“We started growing our group — our little circle of friends that we ride with — based on our sheer passion for motorcycles and kind of a different riding style than everyone else is doing,” said Snyder. “It’s all about connecting, riding respectfully, and exploring new things.”

While not commonly associated, motorcycles and coffee have always gone hand in hand for Jones and Snyder.

“Motorcycling in our circles is a sober activity, so we wouldn’t ride from bar to bar on Saturday evenings,” he explained. “We’d hit up coffee shops.” After sampling coffees from across the East Coast, the couple decided to create their own. Working with a roastery in Brooklyn, they developed two coffee bean blends, named after towns on the North Fork.

“We just kind of decided, ‘hey, let’s make our own blends that would represent our our life here on the East End of Long Island,’” said Jones.

Over the last year, the couple has been selling their products online and at local pop-ups, but this is the first time that they’ve had access to a permanent location.

“LUMBER + salt have been very generous in having us there and hosting us,” said Jones. “They’ve provided furniture at the bar and some little seating setups with beautiful, vintage chairs.” The couple was drawn to LUMBER + salt because of the creative community associated with the shop. In addition to selling antiques and resalvaged materials, it houses products of local artisans and serves as a hub for their creative visions. “It’s interesting to see all of these small artisans that are North Fork-based under one roof together and it’s a really inspiring atmosphere.” said Jones.

At the new coffee bar, they’ve been able to expand their brand, experimenting with new flavors influenced by their travels. “We were doing a maple latte, which was inspired by one of our motorcycle trips recently to Vermont,” explained Jones. During the holidays, they’re serving gingerbread and frosted mint lattes. They’ll also be selling an eclectic assortment of holiday gifts, many of which are themed to fit the brand’s holy trinity — motorcycles, coffee, and dogs. “Those are just really near and dear to our hearts,” explained Jones. “They really do all go together.”

This Saturday, visitors of North Fork Moto can sip coffee while they shop at a Holiday Christmas Mart event at LUMBER + Salt, hosted by Sheri Winter Parker. The Market will be open from 11 AM – 4PM and a portion of sales will benefit the Stony Brook Eastern Long Island Hospital.