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Christina Padrazo (center) with staff Angela Bukovsky (far left), Camryn Harloff, father Dan and husband Dave. (Credit: Lee Meyer)

As Christina Padrazo shook the hand of the first-ever customer at The Treatery, (1564 Main Road) her new dessert shop and bakery, a sweet — and savory — dream was realized.

The Treatery began as a 1964 Shasta trailer that doled out cookies, cakes, whoopie pies, gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches and more at catered events, and has now expanded to a brick-and-mortar spot in Jamesport. Padrazo, who started the business full-time during the pandemic and quickly made a name for herself with the pink and white trailer, beamed with delight on the morning of Friday, Nov. 11 as curious locals came in and tried her offerings.

“We’re super excited,” said Padrazo as she placed cookies behind the counter. “It took us a little longer, as always, to open.”

The display cases are filled with whoopie pies and colorful cakes, as well as cakesicles and cookies coated in Disset chocolate. Behind the counter are Padrazo’s signature cookies which come in a variety of flavors, including chocolate chip and funfetti, and Padrazo’s newest creation, focaccia bread. Guests can also order hot cocoa, coffee, cold brew with rotating flavors like horchata and Nutella, and classic and gruyere grilled cheese sandwiches. 

These lovely creations are complemented by a shop that is bright and airy, with soft pink and off-white walls and a beautiful floral accent wall behind the wooden counter. Padrazo’s father, Dan, who was present at the opening, did all the construction on the shop, but proudly declared that it’s his daughter’s creative vision and design.

“My dad worked tirelessly to get it done,” said Padrazo.

Padrazo said that custom cake orders will start in the near future. She also plans to add new grilled cheeses regularly and new breads every Saturday.

“It’s all small-batch, from scratch. That’s so important to me,” she said.

Visit The Treatery at 1564 Main Road, Jamesport. Check Instagram for store hours.