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Your guide to our favorite pies on the fork. (ILLUSTRATION BY KELLY FRANKÉ)

Right up there with wine, the North Fork is known as a pie destination. Actually, if you leave the area without bringing home pie, did you even visit at all? Use this month’s map illustrated by artist Kelly Franké as a cheat sheet for some of the best pies across the Fork. 

❶ Coconut cream from COOPERAGE INN

Light yet rich, this pie is our pick for when you feel nearly too full for dessert but must have it. 

2218 Sound Ave., Baiting Hollow 

❷ Cream pies from BRIERMERE FARMS

All of their pies are great but it’s the cream pies that are the standouts here. 

4414 Sound Ave., Riverhead 

❸ Lemon meringue from HELEN’S FLOWER FARM 

You know it’s good when the pie is 1/3 lemon and 2/3 meringue. 

999 Union Ave., Riverhead 

❹ Raspberry lemon from BREITENBACH FARMS  

The hint of lemon lands this pie on our list. 

460 Main Road, Aquebogue (closed for the season)

❺ Pecan pie from MODERN SNACK BAR 

Crunchy but not too crunchy, decadent but not too decadent. This is the quintessential pecan pie. 

628 Main Road, Aquebogue 

Caramel apple walnut from BAYVIEW MARKET & FARMS

Embodies the autumn season wrapped in pie crust. 

891 Main Road, Riverhead 

❼ Sinful pie from HALLOCK CIDER MILL

Nougat with toasted coconut and pecans and drizzled with caramel, this is a serious pie. 

1960 Main Road, Laurel 

Peach cherry blueberry from COUNTRY VIEW FARMS 

The trifecta of peaches, cherries and blueberries make a perfectly balanced pie. 

57995 Main Road, Southold 

Peach with oat crumb from D’LATTE CAFÉ

Light, flaky crust, sweet peaches and a savory oat crumb. What could be better? 

218 Main St., Greenport 

❿ Pumpkin pie from ORIENT COUNTRY STORE 

It’s too bad there’s not a scratch-and-sniff option for this one. 

950 Village Lane, Orient