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These reads, both fiction and nonfiction, tell a local story. (Credit: David Benthal)

Get lost in a good book, but not too lost — you’ll get a familiar feeling with these North Fork-themed books. 

From a dark thriller set in Orient to a colorful children’s book set in North Fork waters, these books are either set on the North Fork, written by local authors or both. We recommend seeking out these books at a local seller, like Burton’s Bookstore (43 Front St., Greenport) or A Book Place (469 East Main St., Riverhead). 

“Orient” by Christopher Bollen 

This tense thriller weaves a twisty tale of suspense in Orient, as a mysterious loner tries to solve a series of murders and strange, dark happenings in the small community of artists and Manhattanites. 

“Moonglow” by Peggy Dickerson and Cynthia Wells

A lovely children’s book written by retired Cutchogue East Elementary teacher Peggy Dickerson, Moonglow takes the young reader into a moonlit forest to learn about real creatures big and small. 

“The East End A to Z” by Kara Hoblin

This whimsical storybook by local chalk artist will take readers through the alphabet on a journey through the East End of Long Island.

“The Story of North Fork Wine” by John Ross

Chef John Ross, who owned the famed Ross’ North Fork Restaurant, wrote this book detailing the history of the area’s wine. The book also contains information on cooking with wine, pairing wines with foods, as well as recipes. 

“The Curious Puffer” by Ian Hunter and Claire Kennedy

Southold author Claire Kennedy and son Ian Hunter collaborated on this children’s book about a puffer fish who goes on adventures in North Fork waters. The story and illustrations have many references to local landmarks. 

“The Lady Lighthouse Keeper” by Mary Korpi

This historical novel is based on the life of Stella Prince, a real-life lighthouse keeper who lived at Horton Point Lighthouse for much of her life. While the book is a fictionalized account, the book explores what life was like on the North Fork — especially for a woman — in the late 1800s and early 20th century. 

“The Fisherman’s Wife: Sustainable Recipes and Salty Stories” by Stephanie Villani and Kevin Bay

With tons of recipes, techniques and fishing tips, this cookbook and memoir is both an interesting story of a local couple and a practical guide for anyone interested in North Fork waters. Villani and Bay of Blue Moon Fish also go into the history of commercial fisherman Alex Villani, the lone captain of the fishing vessel Blue Moon. 

“Plum Island” by Nelson DeMille 

This classic, suspenseful thriller takes a wounded NYPD detective to eastern Long Island to investigate the double murder of two scientists who worked on the mysterious Plum Island.

“Fire Me Up” by Alicia Street 

This romance novel tells the love story of a hunky FDNY firefighter who falls in love with a quiet schoolteacher in a small North Fork village after she saves him from an oncoming car on the street. This is the first in a series of North Fork romance novels by Street.