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A new arrival prepares to be fed in the manor’s intensive care unit (Photo Credit: Victoria Caruso).

In an old, two-story farmhouse in Jamesport, hundreds of turtles, terrapins, and tortoises are given a second chance at life each year.

Turtle Rescue of the Hamptons is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and release of sick and injured turtles on Long Island. The group offers 24/7 on-call rescue services, bringing turtles that are in need to its home base — Turtle Manor.

The 1920-farmhouse is a state-of-the-art rehabilitation facility equipped with tools to perform x-rays and a variety of treatments on its patients. Scattered around the house are plastic storage bins, which serve as temporary turtle habitats. Each bin is labeled with names like “Popples” and “Winn Dixie” as each guest is given a name when they arrive at the manor. Upstairs is the intensive care unit, where clipboards hang below each turtle’s bin, describing what kind of care the patient needs.

While the goal is to rehabilitate and release the manor’s guests, permanently disabled turtles are unable to be released and become residents of the manor. Out back, they’re given a safe spot to live at the manor’s sanctuary — an acre of natural woodlands and manmade ponds.  

Spend a minute with us there.

Turtle Rescue of the Hamptons is located at 111 Manor Lane in Jamesport, NY. To report an injured or ill turtle, call 631-779-3737. To learn more or make a donation, visit