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übergeek Brewing Co.’s membership program includes beer, swag and more. (Credit: Lee Meyer)

übergeek Brewing Co., which originally opened its Riverhead tasting room in April 2021, has expanded its offerings with a membership program that fans of the quirky beer company will surely love.

“We wanted to do a membership because we really like our customers and wanted to give them some cool perks,” said owner Rob Raffa. 

While übergeek initially experimented with different tiers and membership options, Raffa noticed that too many choices resulted in few people signing up, so they settled on one membership that renews annually. 

The übergeek membership, named “The Cohort of Eccentric Misfits,” costs $125 and includes four four-packs of canned beer throughout the year, with the first upon signup; a t-shirt or hat; a dollar off every pour at the tasting room; access to experimental, members-only taps.; a fully catered end-of-year party; and Raffa’s favorite perk, a free birthday pour and 15% off your tabs for your entire birthday month for everything but kegs.

“The four-packs pretty much pay for 75% of the membership itself,” Raffa said.

The membership has been a hit for übergeek since they streamlined it to just one tier.

Rob Raffa with one of his creations. (Credit: Felicia LaLomia)

Raffa attributes übergeek’s faithful following to its quirky beer offerings (which include names like “dealing with dissonance” and “you call that a calculator?”), and a steady stream of interesting events, including weekly Geek Talks, curated by Chris Paparo, as well as regular live music from punk  bands.

“We’ve developed this group of eccentric misfits,” said Raffa, echoing the membership club’s moniker. “It’s this weird smorgasbord that we’ve developed between all the events that we do. Between the Geek Talks and concerts, we’ve found this punk community that loves hanging out here. Some of them don’t know anything about beer, but some of them do. A lot of them have a surprising amount of knowledge of beer.”

übergeek has grown in other ways recently, too, offering a small menu of food items, including soft pretzels, chicken tenders, crinkle cut fries and 7” bar pizza.

Fancy yourself an eccentric misfit? Head over to übergeek Brewing Co. at 400 Hallett Avenue, Riverhead. 

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