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Get to know this year’s Best of the North Fork Local Performers through their music with this curated playlist. These songs are available on Apple Music and Spotify.


Gene Casey is a beloved North Fork musician known for his rockabilly and country stylings. Gene Casey & the Lone Sharks have performed a mix of original music and cov- ers all over the North Fork and were named northforker’s People of the Year in 2016.


Points East is a true family band, made up of brother/sister duo Brian Cummings, Heather Cummings and dad Keith. They perform folksy acoustic originals as well as unique spins on some established hits. Points East was formed in 2010 and released their debut album, “A Love You Can’t Deny,” in 2016.


Singer-songwriter Julia King performs soulful, heartrending lyrics with passion. She released her first full album, “Radio Therapy,” in 2020, in addition to several EPs. She’s about to release her latest EP, “Growth and Progress.” And you must listen to her bittersweet, hopeful 2021 cover of “Tracks of My Tears.”


Born and raised in Southold, guitarist and vocalist Rob Europe is no stranger to the North Fork music scene. Europe’s fans have likely seen him perform with his guitar both on acoustic solos and backed by a full band.


This singer-songwriter tells com- pelling stories through his music. One of our favorites, “Gimme Back My Dawg,” is a simple, catchy and funny tune that’s sure to find a place on your Spotify playlist, while “Town of Ghosts” is melancholic and sweet.

A song to start the day off right: “It’s Alright,” Points East (“A Love You Can’t Deny,” 2016)
A song to play on the ride out east: “I’ll Keep Knocking,” Julia King (2022)
A song to sing along to with friends: “I Love What I Do,” Gene Casey (“What Happened,” 2008)
A song for a day at the beach: “Best Life,” Julia King (“Radio Therapy,” 2020)
A song for a morning run: “What You Lookin’ For,” Rob Europe/Foster Europe Band (2020)
A good drinking song: “Gimme Back My Dawg,” Jon Divello (2019)
A song to play during fireworks: “Don’t Bother Me (I’m Rockin’),” Gene Casey (“Guitar in the Rain,” 2017)
A song for a day on the water: “See You at the End,” Rob Europe (“The Fear,” 2017)
A song for a lazy Sunday: “Leaving Town” Jon Divello (“Loose Ends,” 2017)
A song for a picnic: “Grow Old,” Rob Europe (2022)
A song for a first date: “Rock Your Boat,” Julia King (“Radio Therapy,” 2020)
A song to say I love you: “Love Believes,” Points East (‘A Love You Can’t Deny,’ 2016)
A song for a broken heart: “How Do I Know (You’re Not Lyin’ to Me Now),” Gene Casey (“Guitar in the Rain,” 2017) 
A song to listen to as the sun sets: “Eyes Like You,” Julia King (2022)
A song to close out summer: “Who’s Sharing the Moon,” Gene Casey (“What Happened,” 2008)