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Illustration by Kelly Franké

Sure, you could head to the farm to pick, wash and hull them yourself. But because we like you, we’ll recommend these North Fork spots for STRAWBERRY EVERYTHING without the work. 

Lewin Farms, Illustration by Kelly Franké
  1. Fresh Strawberry Ice Cream from Lewin Farms, 812 Sound Ave., Calverton 

Made with fresh berries from their own farm. 

2. The Crescent Salad from Farm Country Kitchen, 513 West Main St., Riverhead 

While the sliced, marinated boneless duck may take center stage here, the strawberries truly enhance the flavor profile in this salad which also includes baby spinach, goat cheese, almonds, cherry tomatoes, carrots, and grilled pineapple with an Asian ginger teriyaki dressing. 

Luchacubano, Illustration by Kelly Franké

3. Classic Mojito from Luchacubano, 87 E Main St., Riverhead 

But make it strawberry. With lime, house sugar syrup, mint, and Don Q rum. We’ll take two! 

Insatiable EATS, Illustration by Kelly Franké

4. Frutti Di Bosco from Insatiable EATS, 300 East Main St., Riverhead 

The summertime cap-off to your perfect meal. This cream-filled pastry with sponge cake and strawberries is the Italian version of strawberry shortcake. 

5. Strawberry Lemonade from Harbes Family Farm, 715 Sound Ave., Mattituck 

Famed for a reason. Made with fresh strawberries, lemon, sugar and water. 

North Fork Doughnut Company, Illustration by Kelly Franké

6. Strawberry OG Doughnut from North Fork Doughnut Company 100 Love Lane, Mattituck 

Keep it classic with this old faithful doughnut. 

7. Stuffed French Toast from Windamere 2255 Wickham Ave., Mattituck 

With Nutella, strawberries, hazelnuts, and chantilly, we’re not sure if that counts as breakfast or dessert but we’re here for it. 

Red Rooster Bistro, Illustration by Kelly Franké

8. Chocolate Strawberry Crepes from Red Rooster Bistro, 4805 Depot Lane, Cutchogue 

Thin yet decadent, chocolate strawberry crepes hit the spot and don’t leave you feeling overstuffed. 

9. Day Trip Strawberry Amaro from Matchbook Distilling Co., 230 Corwin St., Greenport 

With nettle, quassia, jasmine, rose, nutmeg, and fruit this amaro is perfect for summer celebrations. 

Crazy Beans, Illustration by Kelly Franké

10. Strawberry-Coconut Iced Tea from Crazy Beans, 2 Front St., Greenport 

Different and refreshing, this iced tea is nothing like you’ve ever had. And if you’re in the mood for strawberry overload pair it with some strawberry pancakes.