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Stirling Sake in Greenport. (Credit: David Benthal)

There’s a sweet new dessert spot in Greenport.

Last month, Stirling Sake hosted Sweetie 477, a late-night dessert club featuring Japanese-inspired desserts created by chef Cameron Trezoglou. The unique experience was such a hit owner Yuki Mori and Trezoglou are planning to host Sweetie 477 again at the end of June, as well as throughout July. 

Mori saw the potential for Japanese desserts when Trezoglou, a chef originally from Colorado, started experimenting with sweet snacks to give guests with their bills.

“I was messing around with miso caramels and sweets, stuff like that,” Trezoglou explained.

Mori and Trezoglou cooked up some unique desserts for Sweetie 477.

The inaugural night featured strawberry rhubarb pie and wild chamomile chantilly; Greek doughnuts with grilled orange and kinako (soybean flour); liquid chocolate, miso apple caramel, ume (plum) meringue and yuzu jelly; and matcha ice cream. The menu will vary based on what’s in season each month.

Yuki Mori and Cameron Trezoglou with a key ingredient for Sweetie 477. (Credit: Lee Meyer)

Trezoglou moved to New York two years ago and learned about Japanese cuisine when he started working at Stirling Sake. 

“I wanted to mess around with the flavors and techniques I’ve learned here [for Sweetie 477],” he said. “The best part about adding Japanese ingredients to modern desserts, whatever it is, is the level of saltiness — miso and caramel, salted plum meringues.”

The liquid chocolate proved popular, and Trezoglou revealed the secret ingredient: soy sauce.

“The saltiness adds a depth of flavor to all the sweets,” he said.

The most popular dessert on the Sweetie 477 menu? The Greek doughnuts.

“My grandmother’s recipe,” Trezoglou said with a smile.

The evenings also feature music from Mori, a DJ.

Sweetie 477 at Stirling Sake (477 Main Street, Greenport) will return at the end of June. Follow Stirling Sake on Instagram for the date announcement!