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Erin Latham Stanton, Photography by David Benthal

Erin Latham Stanton helps run Latham Farms and their iconic farm stand with her dad, Danny. She grew up on the family farm in Orient and has an abundance of favorite NOFO things to share. 

Latham family history runs deep in the North Fork. “The farmhouse that I live in now with my family is where my father was born, and the farmland here has been in our family since the mid-1700s,” says Erin Latham Stanton. As a kid, Erin spent most of her childhood playing in the barns and flower fields, so being part of the family farming operations feels, well, organic. 

Erin moved back to Orient from New Hampshire in 2020 when her husband, Dr. Ashton Stanton, began practicing medicine in Greenport. “Being raised out here, growing up here, I love this community. I love that I’ll know almost every person at the IGA Foodstore. It’s so warm and welcoming, and very much a small town. Often, people will stop to tell me they went to high school with my dad, or knew my grandfather. It’s really a feeling of belonging. This is home.” 


Narrow River Road and Hallocks Bay

I go for a run on Narrow River Road along Hallocks Bay in Orient almost every day. It’s a super mellow country road, and great for walking or biking and it’s probably one of the best bird-watching paths in the North Fork. I just spotted a baby owl in a nest this morning! We keep our boat docked at the Narrow River Marina, and boating in Hallocks Bay is just amazing. It’s perfect for water skiing because it’s so placid and calm. And any beach you pull up to around there is good for clamming. 

The Orient Yacht Club

My kids take sailing lessons here in the summer, and the first thing they do when the lesson is over is jump off the dock into the water. When we bike Narrow River Road from our house, we usually keep going until the road ends at the yacht club and then hop off our bikes and swim at Orient Harbor. 

Sunday morning breakfast at Hellenic Snack Bar

My parents go to the 7 a.m. Mass every Sunday. Sometimes we make it there and sometimes we don’t, but we always meet them at Hellenic by 8:30 a.m. This is Patti and Danny’s after-Mass gig where you’ll find them holding court for hours, talking to all the other families that come in. The chef and owner, George Giannaris, is always there cooking and the authentic Greek food is delicious. 

Erin Latham Stanton, Photography by David Benthal

Little Creek Oyster Farm & Market

On the weekend, I don’t want to bother shucking my own oysters, and they have my favorites from Oysterponds Shellfish Co. (, which we sell at our farm stand. Little Creek is a jeans-and-flip-flops kind of place with shared tables and excellent local beers on tap. I love Greenport Harbor Brewing Company’s ( Facing East, a New England IPA that’s outstanding.

Date night at Noah’s Restaurant

A special spot for us is Noah’s. Latham’s supplies chef Noah Schwartz with organic produce and fresh eggs, and his menu is seasonal and ever-changing. It’s fun to share little plates and try different things, and they also have excellent cocktails, which also incorporate seasonal ingredients. The last time we were there, I had the peach jalapeño, which was delicious. 

Late-night nachos at Lucharito’s

Sometimes — okay, about once a year — the evening becomes a later night and Lucharito’s is a blast. When I go there, I often bump into friends from high school, neighbors and people I see at the farm stand and never get to chat with. I went to school with the owner, Marc LaMaina, and they have locations all around NOFO. It’s a fun place to catch up with friends and the nachos and margaritas are super good. 

The chicken cutlet sandwich at Wayside Market

This is a butcher shop where you can get an outstanding cut of meat, but we come here especially for the chicken cutlet sandwich. It’s ridiculously huge and just awesome. One sandwich has so much chicken on it that it feeds two people — often with leftovers! We get it with cheddar and bacon. It’s insane. 

Summer concerts at Mitchell Park

“Dances in the Park” is a summertime tradition, with free live music every Monday in August right by the carousel. We bring a big blanket and hang out with the whole family. They have different bands every week, but That Motown Band is our favorite — they even get my parents dancing. It’s so fun! 

The tasting room at Old Field Vineyards

This is my favorite winery in the North Fork, run by a mother and daughter. It’s not your typical winery: Their tasting room is in an old barn and there are chickens running around and the kids can play on the lawn. You can even walk down to the Peconic Bay. It’s super mellow, rustic and very quaint — so my style. I’m partial to their Rooster Tail Red Table Wine and their Cacklin’ Rosé in the summer.