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Love Lane Sweet Shoppe in Mattituck has everything from chocolates and candies to hostess gifts and home décor. (Credit: Tara Smith)

Part of what makes Mattituck’s Love Lane so charming is the variety of small businesses on the block. You can taste wine, grab freshly imported cheese, stock up on gourmet Italian goodies, upgrade your wardrobe. And at the Love Lane Sweet Shoppe, you can indulge your sweet tooth and inner child.

Sisters Ashley Rutkowski and Chelsea Wilsberg have been running the mainstay business since taking over for their parents in 2019, though the shop first opened on Love Lane in the 1980s.

The current owners recall coming in as children for candy, gum and Beanie Babies. Today, you can still find assorted candy, chocolate, home décor and plenty of gifts on the shelves.

Wilsberg recently let us in on what items have remained the most popular over the years.

Dark chocolate sea salt caramel

Hands down it’s the most popular chocolate sold and has been for several years. “The salted chocolate just became this huge thing. And it hasn’t stopped,” Wilsberg said. “People come in and seek them out.”

Though shipping isn’t available in the summer months, it’s a popular winter item people order by the pound in the mail.

Chocolate covered pretzels

These aren’t your average chocolate dipped pretzels. You can find everything from the standard milk and dark to chocolate with M&M’s, s’mores, coconut, toffee, raspberry chips, sprinkles and everything in between. “We have a crazy selection,” Wilsberg said. “People love them because they’re a little different.”


An ever-popular gift or souvenir, you can find all your North Fork attire in the shop from t-shirts to hoodies.

“We’ve been expanding it town by town,” Wilsberg said. Now, in addition to Mattituck and Love Lane gear, you’ll find nods to other hamlets like Cutchogue, Laurel and Jamesport.

Entertaining gear

You can find everything from serving dishes to plates, cutlery and cups that make for great gifts or additions to your own home, whether it’s your primary or summer home. “If you have a second home, you’re doing a lot of entertaining,” Wilsberg said. Plastic and melamine items in particular are popular with boaters.


This popular line of water bottles, wine glasses, canteens and tumblers keep your beverages ice cold and there’s no shortage of different colors and patterns.

“They come in a ton of fun prints,” Wilsberg said. “And we have one that holds a whole bottle of wine.”