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The Yacht Kingfisher (Courtesy Kingfisher/Jim Raycroft)

Kingfisher Vintage Yacht has partnered with Green Hill Restaurant Group for its upcoming season of charters aboard its vintage motor yacht.

The Yacht Kingfisher, a 1959 50-foot Huckins Fairform Flyer, will dock in Greenport mid-June and is ready to provide guests with a luxury yacht experience that will now include catering from local restaurants Anker, Alpina and Green Hill Kitchen. 

According to Eric Dahler of Kingfisher, the partnership between the two groups came from “a late night at Alpina.” Dahler and charter manager Dhardra Blake met Brendan Spiro, Green Hill Restaurant Group’s president, and started exploring the group’s very different restaurants on Front Street.

“It’s pretty amazing, what they’re doing,” Dahler said. “They’re these little restaurants in Greenport and making a big splash. We’re kind of similar, boutiquey and unique. I’ve been pretty blown away by the food and everything else.”

Spiro and the restaurant’s culinary team have been working on a curated menu featuring raw oysters, caviar, fruits de mer and gill-to-tail offerings from Anker; Italian-Swiss cheese and wine offerings from Alpina; and BBQ from Green Hill Kitchen. 

“You can go for Americana and get some BBQ, perhaps a bucket of rosé wine, or, if you’re inclined, some small composed salads,” he said. “And of course, the no-brainer is Anker, it’s seafood on a boat — oysters, caviar service, the whole nine.”

To book a charter or learn more about Kingfisher’s membership, visit or find them on Instagram.