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Greenport Harbor Brewing Co.’s Dog Dock Diving Weekend (Courtesy photo)

Get ready to see the fur fly.

The North Fork Dog Dock Diving Weekend returns to Greenport Harbor Brewing Co. in Peconic this June.

The weekend is a collaboration with Harbor Pet and an official DockDogs event. It will be held on June 4 and 5. DockDogs installs a special dock and pool on the brewery’s property and hosts a series of athletic dog jumping competitions for both “amateur” and “professional” furry friends.

“Some of these dogs are really professional!” Greenport Harbor Brewing Co.’s Betsy Liegey marveled. “There are people that follow DockDogs around and compete. It’s amazing. And then you have amateurs, who practice in the morning and go out for the competition over the two days. It’s dogs of all kinds — small, big, different breeds and dog lovers of all kinds come from all over to hang out and see the dogs compete.”

Greenport Harbor Brewing Co. has always been pet-friendly. The brewery has dog bowls available at both locations, as well as dog treats from Life is Grruff that are made with the brewery’s spent grains.

“I think dogs and beer go together,” Liegey said. “People who love dogs love beer! They’re an important part of the family and we want to make sure when people come they can bring their furry, four-legged friends.”

A dog dock diving. (Courtesy photo)

During the Dog Dock Diving Weekend, Greenport Harbor Brewing Co. will debut a special canned beer in association with North Fork Animal Welfare League labeled with photos of some of the league’s dogs that are up for adoption. 

“We want to help them find a forever home,” said Liegey, who noted the cans will have a photograph, the dog’s name and fun facts about them, as well as information on how to go about adopting the dogs at the league.

Despite it being a competition, the Dock Diving Weekend is always a feel-good event. 

“It’s such a good community event,” Liegey said. “It’s amazing how much everyone gets along and has such a great time.”

The North Fork Dog Dock Diving Weekend at Greenport Harbor Brewing Co. (42155 Main Road, Peconic) is always a popular event and spectators should buy tickets ahead of time. Kids under 12 get in for free. To register your dog to participate, head to the DockDogs website.