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Partners Anne Trimble and Nancy Leskody opened Trimble’s of Corchaug in 1991. (Credit: Tara Smith)

The pebbled paths and vivid displays at Trimble’s of Corchaug Nursery make it an enchanting spot to shop if you’re looking to spruce up your garden or simply get some inspiration.

Nancy Leskody has run the business with her partner, Anne Trimble, since 1991, growing thousands of annuals, perennials, shrubs and other plants. They’ve since expanded to offer landscaping services and the Main Road nursery has grown into a community where knowledge can be shared among experts and enthusiasts alike.

The ever-evolving “botanical experiment,” as it is often described, also features an idea garden in honor of Leskody’s brother and throughout the four acres, you can spot guitars, old televisions, license plates and unique sculptures that double as planters.

We recently asked Leskody about some of her best-sellers during this time of year.


A wide selection of potted pollinator mixes are featured prominently as you enter the grounds. Leskody said it’s important to have a mix of pollinators. “You can’t just have a monocrop,” she said. “You need diversity to feed everybody: the birds, the bees, the insects. Most people want to try to help the environment because the environment needs our help. We’ve been so bad to it.”


Ever-popular hanging baskets make the perfect gift and can add dimension and depth to any porch or deck. Hanging baskets are ideal for delicate flowers that may otherwise be damaged by heavy rains if planted in the ground, make for an eye catching display and can even attract butterflies.


This category of plants has exploded in popularity in the last decade. They’re everywhere — and for good reason. They are relatively low maintenance, requiring a sunny spot, watering maybe once a week and pruning as needed. They also add fascinating patterns, color and texture to your home.

Leskody said hens and chicks are the most popular variety she sells. Look for their signature rosette shape. The ‘mother’ plants produce babies, or chicks, that can be gently detached and moved to a new location.


Rows and rows (and rows) of radiant geraniums can be found in the main greenhouse. “We sell geraniums like you can’t believe. They’re the nicest geraniums on Long Island,” Leskody said proudly.

She isn’t bragging, either. She uses cuttings rather than seed to grow hundreds if not thousands of geraniums. Though a bit pricier, it results in a fuller, more vibrant plant.


The No. 1 hummingbird attractors. “We grow every color that they love,” Leskody said. “People are really into hummingbirds.”

The red-and-white ‘hot lips’ and electric ‘black and blue’ varieties are among the most popular.