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Henley Tuthill of Honeybody Bakery. (Credit: Lee Meyer)

Henley Tuthill is 10 years old. Her favorite subjects in school are math and art. She loves lacrosse. Henley also runs a bakery.

Operating out of her family’s kitchen in Greenport, Henley launched Honeybody Bakery earlier this year and makes a special baked treat each week that she and her family will either deliver from Orient to Mattituck or ship throughout New York State. It’s incredible to think that a 10-year-old is the creative force behind such unique and flavorful confections — like a breakfast cookie with whole grains, nuts and fruits, or cinnamon rolls with cardamom, pistachio and vanilla glaze — but one conversation with this bright and talented young lady confirmed she’s the real deal.

“My mom would cook when we had family and friends over and she does not like making desserts,” Henley said. “I started making desserts and eventually my friends and family wanted to buy the stuff I was making, so we were like, ‘Maybe I should make a bakery!’”

Honeybody Bakery took off, starting with five orders the first week and going up to 25 orders by the fifth week. Henley’s mother, Ali Tuthill, runs the bakery’s Instagram account, which handles the orders. Henley’s dad and three younger brothers help with deliveries. Henley said that every single order they’ve fulfilled has resulted in repeat customers and local restaurant First and South has even ordered Honeybody Bakery’s treats.

“I think it’s beautiful,” said Ali. “I think people naturally underestimate kids, and all of our kids just blow us away with what they’re able to do. The first time Henley baked I was like, ‘Whoa! This is your territory from this point on.’ It’s so joyful to see how happy and committed she is.”

Ali does much of the business management, like making sure the kitchen is to code for Agriculture & Markets, but the creative vision is distinctly Henley’s.

Chocolate chip cookies with sea salt by Honeybody Bakery. (Credit: Lee Meyer)

For a 10-year-old — actually, for a person of any age — Henley knows her stuff. When asked what her favorite dessert was, she immediately knew what and why.

“You have to proof the dough! And once you do that you have to roll it out and rub the filling in it,” she explained of her favorite treat, the cinnamon roll. “That’s so much fun for me, and I have no clue why!”

She also loves chocolate chip cookies, with flaky sea salt on top. While baking can be a very exact science, Henley experiments with different ideas and has her family taste-test. 

“Having a giant family helps,” she said.

Henley doesn’t know if she wants to be a baker when she grows up, but she would love to eventually open a storefront in Greenport.

“I’m only 10!” she reminded us.

Visit Honeybody Bakery on Instagram to check out their weekly offerings and place your order via DM by Wednesday for pickup, delivery or shipment.