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Illustrations by Kaitlin Beebe

After you’ve spent a day at a North Fork winery, you’ll no doubt be looking for a good place to have dinner.

These wineries gave their recommendations for where to enjoy a nice meal, whether you’re looking for something casual or high-end, light or family style.

Borghese Vineyard

Owner Giovanni Borghese also recommends Noah’s: “That’s where we have our Christmas party and we love Chef Noah! He’s the man.”

Croteaux Vineyards

“Brix and Rye! Sit at the bar, having a nice cocktail, meatballs and a salad,” said tasting room manager Nora Mack. “Also, after leaving Croteaux you’re in the mood for anything summertime so maybe head to Shelter Island for any restaurant over there.”

Lieb Cellars

Marketing manager Alice Falcone recommends several, including Brix and Rye. “It’s always our go-to. It’s a different scene than anywhere else in Greenport, and their pizzas are incredible. If you’re headed west, Barrow Food House. Turkuaz Grill in Riverhead is a favorite, as well. If they’re more adventurous, I love to send people their way. It’s so good and the family is so wonderful.”

Kaitlyn Beebe Illustration

McCall Wines

“First and South really does focus on farm-to-table cuisine, but never really calls it such,” said owner Brewster McCall. “They’re very clued in to all the farms and makers on the North Fork and support them in a low-key way.”

Paumanok Vineyards

Winemaker Kareem Massoud couldn’t pick just one, so he provided a list: Love Lane Kitchen, aMano, aLure, Frisky Oyster, 1943 Pizza Bar, North Fork Table & Inn, American Beech and the newly reopened Dimon Estate. Now you have plenty of options.

Kaitlyn Beebe Illustration

Pugliese Vineyards

Domenica Pugliese recommends Touch of Venice: “It’s family owned and operated, the food is delicious and they’re wonderful people. It’s always amazing.”


“Barrow Food House is really close and easily accessible,” said Amanda Rivera, RG|NY’s creative director. “I like to tell people if they’re not necessarily looking for a fancy sit-down dinner, but good food with a small menu and eclectic dishes, go there and support that farm-to-table mentality.”

Rose Hill Vineyards

According to owner Randy Frankel, Il Giardino is “the best Italian food outside of Italy.”

Kaitlyn Beebe Illustration

Sparkling Pointe

“We love Jedediah Hawkins because it has a beautiful ambience, the food is spectacular and the service is superb. It’s a win-win when you go out to dinner there,” said director of sales and hospitality Lauren Smith, who recommends the beet salad after a sparkling wine and notes that the duck wings are also a crowd-pleaser.

Tap Room at Corey Creek

“We recommend Noah’s because we like their light, eclectic bites featuring local ingredients and the farm-to-table aspect,” said Elizabeth Hudson, tasting room manager.

Terra Vite Winery and Vineyards

“We recommend Grana or Il Giardino,” said Jessy Fusco, director of operations. Owner Jacqui Goodale, Fusco’s sister, added that both Grana and Il Giardino have cuisine from different parts of Italy (Southern and Northern, respectively) and that they’re both flavorful options. “We have a special bond with Il Giardino,” said Goodale, noting that the sisters grew up going to Baby Moon in Westhampton Beach, which was owned by Il Giardino’s John Gambino.