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Imagine you were tasked with having to sum up summer on the North Fork in just one word?

Could you even do it in a sentence?

I feel blessed that at northforker we’re given a whole issue to do it, but even then I want more space.

The arrival of May 2022 means it’s once again time for our sum- mer preview issue. With room for about 20 pieces of editorial content, we’ve done our best to deliver you summer on the North Fork in a single magazine.

We have farm stands and margaritas, event picks and restaurant recommendations. Of course, seafood is the subject of one story (because what would summer on the North Fork be without a lobster roll?), and we took a boat out on the water to talk fishing with a local expert, too.

A North Fork resident, who runs marketing for a major dat- ing website, shared her choices for the best date spots on the North Fork (so there’s some- thing for all you eligible bach- elors and bachelorettes as well this month.) In these pages you can also get a first look at the newest hotel in Southold.
We’re expecting a very busy summer season here in 2022 as we establish some distance from the pandemic and everyone seeks that sense of normalcy. Our northforker staff considers it a privilege to share with you our ideas for how to have the best summer possible.

The best advice of all we can give you is to explore this slice

of heaven on earth with a sense of curiosity.

At its core, the North Fork is a place to learn. To see firsthand how your wine is made or where your food comes from. There’s so much to absorb about the natural environment here, from the marine habitats of our bays to the air we breathe hiking beautiful park trails. So much of what we purchase on visits to the North Fork is made here by talented artisans who deserve much of the credit for making this place so authentic.

A return from any successful trip to the North Fork should leave you with a sense that you learned or experienced some- thing new. Thank you for allowing us to play a part in your informative journey.

Eye-opening: maybe that’s a way to sum up summer on the North Fork in just one word? Nah, that’s still not quite enough. It’s an impossible task.