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Carly Adams, Will Adams and their dogs Mishka (left) and Potato. (Credit: Lee Meyer)

Carly and Will Adams have carved out quite a niche for themselves on Instagram as The North Bork. Their profile posts adorable photos of their own dogs, Mishka and Potato, as well as other people’s pets, at dog-friendly spots around the North Fork.

“It started because I was trying to find dog-friendly places,” said Carly. “And I kind of randomly decided one night that I should start telling other people about [what I found]. Because the other thing is I think there’s a difference between places that ‘accept’ them and there are places that warmly welcome them and are really dog-friendly.”

The couple moved to Mattituck from the city during the pandemic and found that raising dogs in a more rural setting was great for Mishka and especially Potato, who was born during the pandemic and is shy around other people.

We asked Carly, Will, Mishka and Potato for their tips on bringing pets along for your North Fork outings, recommendations and more.

Courtesy The North Bork/Instagram

On finding a place to bring your dog: “I usually won’t bring them to a place I haven’t been to personally before,” said Carly. “Everybody knows their dog best, so going to a place first and seeing what it’s going to be like is important. If there are a lot of dogs and your dog isn’t a dog person, that’s probably not a good environment for them. If the location has a social media presence and they’re posting about dogs, they’ll be friendlier and more tolerant of what dogs can be like.”

What to bring along with you: “I think when you go somewhere, bringing water is key,” said Carly. “We also know if a place has water if they need it. If you’re going to be outside, you don’t want to forget that. Not every place will think to have dog bowls or little bowls you can ask for.”

Doggie etiquette: “We always keep Mishka and Potato on a leash,” said Carly. “Partly because ours would just wander off with a friendly looking couple, but other people may bring dogs that aren’t so dog-friendly. We also always make sure they pee before going in somewhere. I think it’s tough, too, if you have a pretty vocal dog. If a dog starts really barking that’s an indicator that they’re not really enjoying themselves.”

Will added, “Don’t ignore the dog. Try and read the signs. If the dog is anxious or barking a lot, clearly there’s something that needs to be addressed.”

Dog-friendly recommendations from The North Bork

Friendly staff and outdoor seating: Greenport Harbor Brewing Co. in Peconic, Love Lane Kitchen in Mattituck

Instagrammable spots: The Tap Room at Corey Creek in Southold, Croteaux Vineyards in Southold

Places with resident dogs: Bridge Lane Tasting Room in Mattituck and Coffee Pot Cellars in Cutchogue. 

“Shoutout to Beasley [at Coffee Pot]!” exclaimed Will.

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