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The Eye Opener is the newest attraction at the Long Island Aquarium in Riverhead. (Credit: Tara Smith)

A new adventure awaits you and your family at the Long Island Aquarium.

The Eye Opener, a new 60-foot activity center, is the latest attraction at the Riverhead aquarium. It’s a giant treehouse complete with rope bridges, a slide and a 62-step stairway that leads to the top, where you can enjoy a lovely view of the Peconic River.

“It’s a nice little workout, whether you’re on the bridges or climbing to the top of it,” said Darlene Puntillo, marketing director for the aquarium. 

The aquarium is currently adding several educational components that are related to the Peconic River. 

“We’re trying to focus on animals that you might see on the river or in the river,” said Puntillo. “Different estuary birds, there’s going to be an area with bivalves, a migration section talking about where animals migrate and how far.” 

Those elements are gradually being added to the Eye Opener, as well as musical instruments based on sounds animals make, feeding areas and more.

The Eye Opener was developed to help kids expel some energy while at the aquarium. “Sometimes we have younger ones that need to run! It’s nice to have something where mom can take 20 minutes, a half-hour, let them run up and down,” said Puntillo. “It’s another way to get people to spend more time with us.”

While the Eye Opener’s educational aspects are still being developed and added, the structure is complete and available for families to explore. Puntillo said the reaction has been very positive.

“Kids have loved running around on it,” said Puntillo. “They’re having a great time. That’s what it’s all about.”

The Eye Opener at the Long Island Aquarium (431 E Main Street, Riverhead) is appropriate for all ages, with parents required to accompany smaller kids. Admission is $12 per child and free for parents.