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In the very first issue of northforker magazine, published in March 2017, our former editor Vera Chinese used this space to discuss a question she’s often asked: “What’s so great about the North Fork?”

Five years later, and 10 years since we launched our website, it’s still our mission to answer that very question.

Here’s what Vera wrote:

“We’d rather show than tell you what makes it so great — whether that be an Icelandic sheep farm providing sustainably produced meat to the community or the best places for a soul resetting hike on Shelter Island. We also want to share the stories of the people who make it all happen. We hope to do all of that here. Get to know the layout of our magazine, which includes four categories, Eat, Drink, Live and Breathe. They’re so-named because we want you to eat the freshest produce grown in our maritime climate, drink the wine grown in rolling vineyards, embrace country living and breathe in the salt air.”

We’re really proud to celebrate both our anniversaries this month. And in the special issue that hit newsstands this week we’re paying tribute to a lot of our past work. We’re also reflecting on the changes we’ve seen in 10 years of covering these communities the northforker way, and where we see things headed in the future.

Get to better know our photographer David Benthal, explore our staff’s favorite past stories and browse all the covers once again. Wine columnist Lenn Thompson sipped from the first harvest we covered in 2012 and I wrote about the North Fork restaurant scene’s transition to more casual fare. Tara Smith also writes about trends in homebuilding.

We also introduce a new segment with prominent local residents — first up is chef Ned Baldwin of Orient — sharing their favorite things to do here. And Lauren Lombardi of Lombardi’s Love Lane Kitchen cooked up our latest farm stand to plate recipe.

A lot of really special people have gone into making northforker a success this past decade and I’m so grateful to be able to thank you all with this anniversary issue. Most of all, our sincerest gratitude to the readers and advertisers who make it all possible.