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Tomatoes, lettuce and beets are growing inside the greenhouse at The Naked Farm. (Credit: Tara Smith)

Is there a more welcome sight than fresh tomatoes ripening on the vine in March?

At The Naked Farm in East Marion, Michael Chuisano grows a variety of produce in a small greenhouse all winter long. He maximizes the space inside the greenhouse by interplanting varieties of spinach, lettuce, beets and radishes that are available, for the moment, via an email list until he opens his small weekend stand later this spring.

In the coming weeks, Chuisano will also begin planting outdoors on his quarter acre property, using a bio-intensive, no-till method free from pesticides to produce veggies “as naked as when you were born.”

For more information, follow @nakedfarmnofo on Instagram or email [email protected].

In the meantime, spend a minute with us there: