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As we enter our third year navigating the COVID-19 pandemic it seems both fitting and frightening that our February issue has a wellness theme. 

There’s nothing more important for us to talk about than our personal well-being and the health of those around us. We’re tired, we’re exhausted, we’re anxious, but it’s in these times that we cannot lose sight of how important it is to feel well. 

Even if we weren’t still faced with the uncertainties of a long-lasting global pandemic, this would still be the month in this region to check in on the physical and mental health of those around us. Short days and cold nights can make winters on Long Island intolerable and it’s easy to suffer quietly. But you don’t have to. 

The Northforker team has done its best to curate a collection of features this month that focus both on answering difficult questions — read Charity Robey’s interview with a pair of local doctors on the things they want their patients to know — and finding light in dead of winter — like Tara Smith’s piece on fighting cabin fever or Beth Ann Mayer’s on a roller skating resurgence. 

On the North Fork of Long Island, opportunities to live healthy abound. The nutrients we consume grow in the soil and water all around us, as explained in Charity’s story about kelp or Lee Meyer’s breakdown of the benefits of Sang Lee Farms’ cider tonic. 

There are also many individuals here who are eager to share their knowledge of ways to live a healthier lifestyle both mentally and physically and some of them are introduced in this issue as well. 

Ultimately, we hope this month’s issue inspires you to see the light of spring at the end of this winter tunnel. We’ve managed to fight through two very challenging years and we have to continue to believe better days are ahead in 2022. 

That’s somehow easier to do under North Fork sunsets, with the salt blowing in the cool bay breeze and the promise of another bountiful summer and fall here. 

Thank you for choosing to spend part of the in-between time getting lost in the pages of our magazine. We hope you feel better for it!