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The winter might bring a close to budding flowers, more sun and warmer evenings, but that does not mean the North Fork is not still buzzing with beauty. Fluffy white snow and colorful sunsets are just a couple of the things winter brings.

And there are some locals out there who are helping to capture the moments.

Below are some of our favorite winter pictures taken around the North Fork in the most recent posts under #northforker on Instagram. Give these folks a follow and if you’re interested in being featured in future coverage make sure to use the hashtag and follow us @the_northforker.

Plum Island’s winter wonderland

During a midday venture to Plum’s Island, Tim Grattan captured the island’s lighthouse in a state of wintery bliss.

Floral sunset at Harbes Farm Field

Sunsets can be captivating and worth the second glance. Craig Catalano recently took a stroll past Harbes Farm Field and managed to capture this serene sunset before it took its leave. 

A glass of red wine in Peconic

While enjoying a glass of red wine, Alie Sharper took a glacial still for Chronicle Wines while indulging in her backyard.

Ice encrusted Iron Pier Beach

These crystalized railings of Iron Pier Beach were seen by Mariah Mills who stopped to capture the moment during her run around the North Fork.

Doggy’s day off

This is Peet, the double dapple doxie, who was photographed enjoying his drink from First and South after a long day of brisk walks and much-needed naps.

Unbeatable view at The South View

Justin Scott Eaton took this shot from outside The Sound View hotel after a winter dusting.

Snowy fields at Palmer Vineyards

Just before the holiday season, some snow hit the Palmer Vineyards which covered parts of their farms in a picture taken by Patrick Cereola.

Thick snowfall to start the new year

Jeremy Garretson captured one of the first snowfalls of the new year which managed to leave a driveway in East Marion covered.

Calming walk to paradise

This picturesque trail leads to Peconic Bay and despite the cold weather its pretty perfect. Photo taken by Karine Laval.