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(Credit: Jeremy Garretson file photo)

As has been the case the past several years, Peconic Bay scallops have been a rare sight on menus at North Fork restaurants.

But as the season’s gone on we’ve begin to see them popping up once again. Charlie Manwaring, owner of Southold Fish Market, said they’ve come to market more as area baymen had less other areas to focus their efforts.

“It’s great to see them on the menu again,” Manwaring remarked.

He explained that while some restaurants offering bay scallops might have caught your eye, those places are few and far between and it’s been mostly featured as a limited special.

“There are a few restaurants using them sporadically,” said Mr. Manwaring, who along with Braun Seafood Co. in Cutchogue, supplies both restaurants and home cooks. “It’s not like years past where they buy six or seven hundred pounds, freeze them up and then have them all winter.”

That said, we did a little scouting to find some of the places that have offered the treasured North Fork gems and the dishes they’ve prepared. Here are some spots to check out. If you’re planning on dining out, we urge you to call ahead to make sure they’re available that day.

Seared Peconic Bay Scallops: Sophie’s Rest, Southold

Manwaring, who is also a co-owner of Sophie’s, said the restaurant was featuring scallops this week. They serve then seared and served over mushroom risotto.

730 Main Bayview Rd,

Fried Peconic Bay Scallops or Prime Ribeye and Scallop Surf and Turf: East On Main, Mattituck

The fried scallops are served with homemade gnocchi and shiitake parmesan cream sauce. The bay scallops surf and turf comes with ribeye and whipped potatoes.

10560 Main Rd,

Hand Made Conchiglia with Peconic Bay Scallops Aglio Olio and Pepperoncini: 18 Bay, Shelter Island

We’d especially urge you to call ahead at this acclaimed restaurant, where the menu changes each week.

23 N Ferry Rd,