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Sledding across from Mattituck High School last winter. (Credit: Grant Parpan)

If you’re stuck at home and going stir-crazy in the aftermath of the heavy snowfall that hit the North Fork yesterday, you might as well put on a hat and gloves, grab a toboggan and go sledding.

Don’t know any spots? No problem. Northforker staff members have identified some of their favorite places to sled — some of which, depending on where you’re located, might even be within walking distance.

Riverhead Town:

1. Roanoke Avenue where it meets the L.I. Sound, Riverhead

Relatively safe with little traffic, the dead-end where Roanoke Avenue meets the Sound has a small hill good for sledding. Even better, there’s room to park your car once the plow comes through.

2. The boat ramp at Reeves Beach, Riverhead

Going sledding with little ones? This boat ramp has a nice, slight decline down to the sand.

Southold Town:

1. The south hill on Main Road across from Mattituck High School, Mattituck

Children have long flocked to this popular sledding site, located across the street from Mattituck High School. Check out these photos from last year.

2. Behind Washington Avenue, Greenport

Neighborhood sand pits in this location make for decent tobogganing.