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Chris Conlan inside Black Sheep Bagelsl, formerly a Goldberg’s in Jamesport. (Credit: Tara Smith)

There’s a new bagel shop on the block in Jamesport.

Well, sort of. 

Chris Conlan, a Calverton native and longtime co-owner of Goldberg’s Famous Bagels in Jamesport, recently unveiled his new brand: Black Sheep Bagels, in the same location. Though it became official on paper nearly a year ago, the new signs went up last week, just in time to celebrate National Bagel Day Jan. 15.

“I think of a black sheep as someone that stands out,” Conlan said over coffee during an interview this week. “We’re not your typical deli. We’re a little unorthodox.”

Bagels are just a springboard for creativity at the Jamesport deli that, while a part of the Goldberg’s chain for several years, always stood out for its unique options.

The fare hasn’t changed much. You can still expect the classic bagels and baked goods, açaí bowls, sandwiches and salads, but Conlan is planning to build on that with a full breakfast and lunch panini menu, bagel ‘bombs’ brimming with cream cheese, savory and sweet soft-baked pretzels, slushies and coffee options thanks to a new espresso bar. 

And coffee lovers, do not fret: their signature coffee ice cubes—designed so your drink doesn’t get watered down—aren’t going anywhere, Conlan assured.

“We’re always changing things up to keep the customers excited,” he said.

Conlan said he’s looking forward to building his own brand and expressed gratitude to the Goldbergs for more than a decade of support.

“They taught me everything I know about the business, everything I know about bagels,” he said. “But as I get older, I realized that I wanted to build a legacy and start working on my own thing for my family,” the father-of-three said.

He began working in their bagel shops nearly 13 years ago while enrolled in culinary school through Suffolk County Community College. Initially, Conlan planned to pursue baking, pastry and cake decorating. 

The early mornings baking demands scared him away, so it’s a little ironic he ended up in the bagel biz, where shifts typically begin around 2 a.m. as the bagels are rolled, proofed, boiled and baked.

Most mornings, you can find Conlan behind the counter at his Jamesport shop, cheerily greeting customers.

“I wasn’t a morning person at all — so it’s funny how it all works out,” he said.