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The last full moon of 2021 rising over the bay in South Jamesport. (Credit: Tara Smith)

With the final days of 2021 upon us, we recently took some time away from the chaos to bundle up and walk along the bay in South Jamesport.

A beautiful pastel sunset gave way to some full moon magic with the rise of the last full moon of 2021, known by the Mohawk people as the “cold moon.”

The full moon has since waned, but you may be able to catch some remnants of the annual Ursids meteor shower, which is typically visible in the northern hemispherre through Dec. 26, as well as the Quadrantid meteor shower active from late December and expected to peak between the night of Jan. 2 and Jan. 3, 2022, according to the American Meteor Society.

Spend a minute gazing at the sky with us: