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The newly renovated party room at the Olive Branch cafe in Greenport. (David Benthal photos)

As tiny as Greenport Village is, there’s still always something new to discover. 

Walking along Front Street, you’ve likely seen the dazzling display of parasols that invites you in to try the Olive Branch cafe. Located directly across from Mitchell Park, it’s hard to miss this Mediterranean gem with a menu of kebabs, a savory branzino dish and more Turkish delights. 

What you possibly didn’t know is that across the courtyard Olive Branch boasts a private dining room that’s fit to host your next holiday party or intimate event. This private oasis features a grand communal table and bar area with a ceiling mural and elaborate woodwork. 

With dark furniture and touches of wood, it’s a cozy space for all your events, from birthdays to holiday gatherings with friends or colleagues. 

Menus for private events range from simple small plates to more elaborate and festive meals. 

Either way, it’ll feel like hosting a gathering with family as the chef Yusef Alptekin curates Mediterranean fare that’ll transport you to his hometown, the Turkish port city of Izmir on the Aegean coast. 

Weather permitting, the event space can also include the outdoor patio and can accommodate between 25 and 100 people.