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Rainbow cookies at Lucharitos in Center Moriches contain raspberry, apricot or Nutella filling. (Credit: Courtesy Meghan Saccone)

There’s something special about cooking from scratch. In this series, we talk to local restaurants about dishes made from scratch. 

If you’re like us, then you definitely like to save room for dessert after a delicious meal. Many restaurants use local bakers and pastry chefs to provide guests with unique and delectable sweet treats.

NoFo Flour Shoppe, run by Jamesport-based pastry chef Meghan Saccone, supplies desserts to various restaurants including Suffolk Theater’s One Eighteen Club, Lucharitos’ Center Moriches location and Ellen’s On Front (check out their from-scratch fried chicken here!).

Saccone, who started her own baked goods business in 2020 during the pandemic, has a background in restaurants, having been a pastry chef for the Bohlsen Restaurant Group in the past. While she does sell directly to customers, her experience in restaurants has allowed her to craft some fabulous desserts tailored to restaurants.

“I believe the difference between a dessert at a restaurant vs. from a bakery is that at a restaurant, you’re getting your own individually plated dessert, which can feel more personal,” Saccone said. “There’s a lot of thought and skill that goes into creating a plated dessert, so it’s much different than choosing a pastry from a bakery case.”

NoFo Flour Shoppe’s oversized Mallomars are available at Ellen’s on Front. (Credit: Courtesy Meghan Saccone)

Lucharitos serves Saccone’s rainbow cookies with a choice of three different fillings: raspberry, nutella and apricot.

At Ellen’s on Front, you’ll find Saccone’s oversized Mallomar-styled treat, which features a shortbread crust with vanilla bean marshmallow fluff and coated in chocolate.

Suffolk Theater offers Saccone’s pineapple upside down cake, vanilla bean cheesecake and flourless chocolate cake.

If your mouth is watering, head over to NoFo Flour Shoppe on Instagram and see more of Saccone’s confections.