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The new übergeek Brewery tasting room.

The North Fork’s brewery scene continued to grow in 2021, with several new tasting rooms opening with a variety of different options for beer lovers.

übergeek Brewing Company, which had previously been making beer out of different local breweries, found a home in the former Moustache Brewing Company tasting room in Riverhead. The company, owned by Rob Raffa, has an underground, quirky feel. “It’s against the cookie-cutter brewery aspect. We are definitely going to fit into our own little niche here,” he told Northforker.

Jeff Schaeffer’s Peconic County Brewing, also in Riverhead, opened with 10 beers on tap, including Dream Girl IPA. “Dream Girl was the first idea I ever had,” Schaeffer said. “I just thought, who wouldn’t want to go to a bar and order a dream girl? Because everybody has a dream girl or they are somebody’s dream girl.” Some of the other beers on tap during the opening included 631 Belgian Wit and the Big Duck Rye Saison.

Over the summer, Long Island Farm Brewery opened at Waterdrinker Farm in Manorville. Run by Nick Giuffre and brothers Kirk and Joe Weiss, with Brian “Thor” Smith helping with brewing, the brewery was an addition to the growing agritainment scene at Waterdrinker. Smith told Northforker on brewing: “It’s 40% science, 30% art and 30% cleaning up.”