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The indoor Riverhead farmers market returned in 2021 to a new location and an extremely enthusiastic response.

The newly named East End Food Market’s Nov. 27 opening saw 1,044 customers walk through the door in the first four hours, according to East End Food Institute Executive Director Kate Fullam. 

In addition to being housed in a brand-new location on Main Road, the market also accepts SNAP benefits. “If you’re going through a hard time and getting back on your feet, everyone should be able to access healthy, nutritious, high-quality, local food,” Fullam said.

“The space is great,” said Backyard Brine co-owner Randy Kopke, who noted that the enthusiasm from both vendors and guests was palpable. “Everyone’s excited about the location. It’s easily accessible.” 

Backyard Brine hadn’t participated in a farmers market since 2019 and Kopke said that their products sold very well at the opening.

There were over 30 vendors on hand for the opening and Fullam said many of them sold through their entire inventory. 

“It’s so nice to see people that don’t come to other farmers markets,” said Lucy Senesac of Sang Lee Farms. “After two years of it not being there, it was nice to see that community connection there.”

Due to the success, “It is part of our plan to continue to expand,” Fullam said.