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This year, we’re taking the guesswork — and time — out of your Thanksgiving meal preparation.

This map presents the North Fork’s finest, from perfectly cooked bird to crunchy pecan pie.

Fuel up, take out and feel grateful this turkey day.

(Credit: Kelly Franké)

❶ Miloski’s turkeys are so local, you may see them in the field behind the store. Instead of roasting a big bird, pick up a couple of Crescent Farm ducks, rotisseried to perfection. Miloski’s Poultry Farm 

4418 Middle Country Road, Calverton 

(Credit: Kelly Franké)

For a saucy condiment with a kick, try this sweet, tangy horseradish cranberry relish. 

Schmitt’s Farm Stand 

3355 Sound Ave., Riverhead 

(Credit: Kelly Franké)

The best place to buy apple pie is from a farm that grows apples. That apple pie is from Briermere. 


4414 Sound Ave., Riverhead 

(Credit: Kelly Franké)

The venerable Modern Snack Bar’s apricot-colored, sweet and creamy mashed turnips are a staple of North Fork holiday tables. 

Modern Snack Bar 

628 Main Road, Riverhead 

(Credit: Kelly Franké)

 Satisfy non-meat eaters with vegetarian cornbread stuffing from Luchi Masliah. 


535 Pike St., Mattituck 

(Credit: Kelly Franké)

For an authentic Thanksgiving taste, Peeko has oysters from waters adjacent to their store. 

Peeko Oysters 

900 1st St., New Suffolk 

(Credit: Kelly Franké)

This bakery’s version of pecan pie, made with pecan halves, delivers crunch and flavor — and is just sweet enough. OK, sugar-pie? 

Blue Duck 

56275 Main Road, Southold 

(Credit: Kelly Franké)

Toast the holiday with a spirit made with turkey from Matchbook Distilling. Called Some Night in Autumn, it draws on the tradition of pechuga, a Mexican mezcal technique in which the vapor of distillation interacts with poultry to impart meaty notes. For more traditional sipping, owner Kimberly Cavoores suggests Macari’s Lifeforce Cabernet Franc for “its lighter edge.” 

One Kourt Studio 

219 Main St., Greenport 

(Credit: Kelly Franké)

❾ Miriam Foster describes her sensational pumpkin pie as “pretty traditional, with lots of spice; clove, cinnamon and ginger if I’m feeling frisky.” The savory-not-sweet crust has egg yolks for rich flavor, and the pies are beauties, with cut-out pastry adorning them. 

Orient Country Store 

930 Village Lane, Orient