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Adults can order a Lucha Punch or a margarita at Mattituck Cinemas. (Credit: Lee Meyer)

Dinner and a movie, meet drinks and a movie.

The Lucharitos brand continues to grow on the North Fork (and beyond) with its latest creation: alcoholic beverages at Mattituck Cinemas (10095 Main Road). Spearheaded by Lucharitos owner Marc LaMaina, the theater’s Lucha Express concession stand, which opened in June, now offers wine, beer, margaritas and Lucha Punch to moviegoers.

“We’ve been working on this since we started the [Lucha Express] project,” said LaMaina of the boozy offerings. “The direction we’re headed is a full movie-dining experience.” 

Brianne Briggmann serves up cocktails and craft beer Mattituck Cinemas’ Lucha Express. (Credit: Lee Meyer)

The cocktails debuted at Mattituck Cinemas last weekend to a positive response.

“We had a lot of parents come in with kids, so they weren’t going to drink [too much],” said Lucharitos Director of Operations Devin McMahon. In addition to the margaritas and punch, guests can enjoy local craft beer and wines.

LaMaina is planning to add tables and a lounge area to the cinema, which is currently undergoing construction to add an outside roof so guests can sit and eat outside before they see a movie.

Guests can order food from the Lucha Express concession area, or they can bring in food from Lucharitos Burrito Bar, located next door to the movie theater. LaMaina and McMahon also plan to implement a more robust system for ordering food from the burrito bar at the theater via their phones.

Margaritas and Lucha Punch are just the beginning. This weekend, as Ghostbusters: Afterlife opens, LaMaina will offer an “Ectoplasm” drink, and he intends to offer specials based on other movies as they release.

The businessman is also looking to add other family oriented features, such as games, to the theater in the future.

“I have three kids,” LaMaina said. “So everything that we do is kind of kid oriented — designed  for them to say, hey, I want to go see dad at work.”