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Butternut squash soup at Love Lane Kitchen. (Credit: Lee Meyer)

There’s something special about cooking from scratch. In this series, we talk to local restaurants about dishes made from scratch. 

There’s nothing more comforting on a chilly afternoon than a warm bowl of soup.

Love Lane Kitchen’s (240 Love Lane, Mattituck) fan-favorite soups, including chicken noodle and seasonal hit butternut squash, are made lovingly from scratch, which leads to some very satisfied customers.

“Customers can’t pinpoint why this simple chicken soup is so good,” owner Carolyn Iannone said. “But they’re like, ‘It’s so good! It’s like my mom used to make it!’ and I’m like, it’s  just so simple. You just need to start with fresh ingredients.”

Iannone and her staff, including Chef Corey Guastella, pride themselves on the amount of work that goes into each soup.

“I think it makes a difference when you start with a whole carrot that you cut and peel. And the same thing with the celery,” she said. “People can really taste the difference.”

For the chicken soup, the kitchen staff starts with a clear broth, then adds the fresh, hand-cut veggies and the chicken.

Love Lane Kitchen chicken soup. (Credit: Instagram/Love Lane Kitchen)

A fall customer favorite, of course, is the butternut squash soup, which Iannone says disappears as quickly as it’s made. “We make a decent amount, but it really only lasts for a day or two,” she said. “Every day we’re back to cutting and peeling!”

To make this sweet, smooth soup, the kitchen begins by peeling the tough, hearty squash, then cubing it. The squash is then roasted, and blended with onion and cream. Then, the kitchen adds it to the blender, ladle by ladle.  

“It’s an interesting combination of it being very simple but also very time-consuming and thoughtful,” Iannone said.

Iannone notes that the seasonal butternut squash will continue to be on offer for a while, as it’s highly popular. While the chicken noodle is always available, other soups in rotation include white bean and bacon, black bean, lentil and more.