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Pie flights and pre orders for the holidays are happening this weekend at 1760 Homestead Farm. (Clockwise from top left,) Concord grape, shoofly, pumpkin and pecan brownie.

Thanksgiving is coming. With so many kinds of pie, and so little time to decide, 1760 Homestead Farm in Riverhead has found a way forward – the pie flight.

Owner Larry Kaiser described the family meeting at which his son suggested that deciding what pie to eat from the six enticing confections they offer, was kind of like deciding what beer to drink at a craft brewery.

“He’s an integral part of the farm operation here,” said Kaiser.

They decided to offer tasting size portions of their six pies, the way a craft brewer offers 3-ounce tastes of their beer.

“That way, you can find out what you like best,” he said.

Out in back of the 1760 Homestead Farm is where the pie magic happens. It’s there that Kaiser makes Concord grape, shoofly pie, pecan brownie pie, peach crumb, coconut custard and pumpkin pie in his outdoor kitchen. It’s also the place to conduct your own pie-tasting, so you can figure out which ones to preorder for Thanksgiving.

A 10-inch pie is $20, a 6-inch pie is $9. Flights of any three are $9, and flights of four are $12 this weekend at 1760 Homestead from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

You can preorder for Thanksgiving no later than Monday Nov. 22 and orders can be made through Facebook Messenger, Instagram or in person at the farm, 5412 Sound Avenue, Riverhead.